Home Discussion Forum What does meditation do for increasing psychic power and spiritual growth?

What does meditation do for increasing psychic power and spiritual growth?

i want to know why,and how meditation is so powerful in these terms, i know there is psychic power because people like the CIA have been using it since the cold war for intelligence gathering, so i would highly appreciate giving me an answer with any links providing more information on this, thank you.
let me state this again,
the CIA have a whole archive detailing there use of remote viewing and telepathy,
and obviously that counts as psychic power. so yes there is psychic power.


  1. Intuitive abilities is probably a more accurate term than power. Meditation is when we quiet all the chatter in the mind and listen to the spirit world. All intuition is receiving information from the spirit world rather than the physical world. So meditation is important because it allows us to practice listening. It is safe because only what we can handle is shown to us little by little as we grow in our abilities to understand and handle that kind of energy, which is akin to handling electricity.

  2. I have two simple explanations for you.
    1. First, from very “earthly” perspective, meditation calms down your mind, dealing with unwanted thoughts. Generally, when your mind is calmer, you are not disturbed by too many useless thoughts, so you can access all these intuitive and psychic information your subconscious is throwing at you.
    2. Meditation also increase vibrations of your energies, your Chi, and it expands your awareness, so you become more aware of psychic energies, events and informations that exists around you.


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