What does karin mean when she says there is another chakra deep inside naruto?

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http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/488/09/ is she probably referring to the power Itachi gave naruto cause i am pretty sure she is not referring to the nine-tailed fox because she already knows he has it so it must be itachi’s power or something new? wht do u guys think it is?

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Unknownist 2008

I thought it was the kyubii but you seem to be onto something with itachi’s power


She never knew Naruto had the Nine-tails inside him. Personally, I think she was sensing that. But I am interested to see what Itachi gave to Naruto


i don’t think she knew about the kyubi it could have been the power itachi gave him who knows we’ll just have to wait and find out.


i recall her saying it was foul so i’m thinking kyuubi chakra but your DEFINATELY onto something you really got me thinking but she doesn’t know naruto so i’m really thinking its kyuubi chakra


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