What does it this answer mean?





Does anyone had done any chakra test before? What does this answer mean…
Root: open (31%)
Sacral: open (38%)
Navel: open (63%)
Heart: over-active (81%)
Throat: over-active (94%)
Third Eye: open (50%)
Crown: open (50%)
I am just testing.
So what your all opinion?
I had take one more test and it say as below:
4 Yeses in one section it means that you are connected to that chakra center and 3 Yeses it means you have a good understanding of that chakra power.
I had answer most of them yes except one section that had both.
correction for: I had answer most of them yes except one section that had both.
after correction: I had only answer one question in one section with the answer both.


  1. clear innit..protect your heart, and don’t reveal so much with your voice get yourself rooted better,start paying attention when you discover a psychic moment, and remember what that thought felt like when you had it so you can recognize it again.
    Practice meditation and alin your chakras beginning with the root, then back to the crown and down

  2. “Over-active” with 4th and 5th: perhaps too much love and talk?
    1st: the purity chakra; perhaps you are holding back/being held back, by less-pure energy otherwise?
    “The Path of the Higher Self,” Mark Prophet, has some detailed insight into chakras.
    “Kundalini West,” Ann Ree Colton, and
    “Man’s Psychic Life: Elements and Structures,” O. M. Aivanhov, also good.
    Reviews at http://www.amazon.com

  3. Well, don’t rely on that to be anymore than a guess. Best way to know is to check them yourself.
    But what that’s telling how each individual chakra is open and spinning. The ones that are over active are off balance.

  4. It means you are pretty good and balanced except in your heart and throat area. Your going to have to look at your self and see how that is manifesting in your life but here are some examples. To have an overactive throat chakra may mean that you are outspoken in not such a good way. Maybe you feel the need to express your opinions too strongly or when it’s not necessary and you need to learn to listen more. The need to be heard can be stemming from childhood and being made to be quiet or having been in a relationship or relationships where your opinion, what you had to say wasn’t respected. These are some reasons for an over active throat chakra but not necessarily your reasons. You have to look within yourself and see how this applies to you. An overactive heart chakra may mean that you care too much about others, to the point of self sacrafice. That you would do anything to show your love to other people and care for them but you don’t do the same thing for yourself. The scale is heavily tipped in the favor of others with very little thought of your own well being when interacting with other people. This is probably why the throat chakra is so out of wack because you are placing yourself in situations where you have to argue or fight to be heard. Having your heart that overactive allows you to welcome dysfunctional people into your life and gets you into situations where you are giving more and more than you are receiving in return.
    For the other chakras, you are fairly grounded but are still a bit light hearted, you have a connection to your inner self, you are creative and right now you are primed for creative projects. You are probably experiencing psychic activity within yourself and you are receiving Divine guidance and spiritual communication very clearly. You are also open to receiving guidance from your own higher self.
    It feels like your quest for spirituality and your desire to act on spirit may slowly tip you off balance. The heart chakra is what connects the lower chakras (earth related chakras) to the higher chakras (spiritual related chakras).
    I think that a good way to get the throat and heart in balance is to spend some time in nature and get grounded. Your root chakra is not as open as it could be and this might help you to be more logical about how much you give to others and at the same time you will be nurturing yourself. That should bring the heart back into balance. The throat chakra might be harder to deal with because you need to get to the root of why you stress being heard and understood so much. But if you find out what it is, you should experience a good release.
    You might also want to look into the physical effects that overactive chakras have on a person physically and see if they apply to you. Here is a good site to check out on the meanings of the chakras, just put your mouse on whichever one you want to know about:
    I have never given a reading off of a chakra test but I think that is what I just did unintentionally. I would suggest that whatever conclusions you come to make sense to you and vibe with how you feel.
    Here is a good article on grounding:
    BTW, I haven’t taken that chakra test in a long time, I think I’ll go take it and see how my chakras are looking. 🙂
    Tell you one thing, I would totally prefer to have your results as opposed to mine, I’ve got some work to do!

  5. Each chakra has a different characteristic and represents certain health issues in the body. For example, the sacral region influences sexual and reproductive conditions, while the throat represents energy and general health issues. I would assume from this report that the “reader” is trying to give some sense of how each health issue represented by the chakras being affected, but there are a few problems with what I’m seeing.
    First of all, anybody who tries to tell you that there is an optimal amount of “opening” for any specific chakra is either making it up or guessing. Secondly, if somebody is trying to tell you that they are able to detect a specific amount of “opening” of a chakra, they are fooling themselves. Thirdly, numbers don’t determine whether a specific area is overactive or underactive. Fourth, most experienced energetic healers don’t use the term “third eye” but rather use the term “ajna” since that is the more professional term for this chakra.
    Finally, and most importantly, if somebody would provide you with a report of this sort, they should also provide an explanation of the report. Otherwise, they are just practicing their own skills and are not treating you as a patient. I would use judgement and care to make sure that this person has experience and training before trusting thier advice, just as I would with any medical treatments.

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