What does it take to never get a question reported or a thumbs down on R&S?

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I have had many. Perhaps I am a disturbing element to the ones with the hard shell of ego. Because of their closed mindedness my Q&A must hurt them. Perhaps one day they will open up and experience the joy of life, of openness and see all things as the blissful expression of Cosmic Consciousness, what do you feel, do they have a chance?
Well everyone that answers this will get a thumbs up from me but I have to be off to work now, see you later and most of all enjoy.
I guess I won’t be off to work it’s 11 degrees here in Indaina and my water pipes are froze, Ahhh how I long for the desert with its warmth and desert creatures, silent and watchful.

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Never ask or answer a question.

EL Mariachi

A lot of people will thumbs down you for your opinions of questions and for your beliefs, Watch I will probibly get thumbs down for simply stating im Catholic

Yummy Cookies

The only way you’ll never get a thumb down or reported on here is if you never come on. lol

Josh K

I agree with you 100%.
But who wants Pizza Hut? Or Mazzios? The thing is we’ll never agree on everything.
Happy Holidays to you!

Kosher Jewish Spyâ„¢ JPA

It’s impossible. Trolls with no lives thumb down some sincere questions and answers because they don’t “get any”.

Jon M dn ǝpıs sıɥʇ

I think it’s impossible.
I’ve gotten thumbs down for an answer and the person who answered immediately after me (who said the same thing) got thumbs up.
Prognosis: There are people on R&S who recognize my avatar and don’t like my politics, ars theologica, face, whatever. When they see it, they hit the thumbs down icon w/o even reading what I wrote.
Yeah… it seriously gets that infantile in here.


Maybe you have to be bland and politically correct, accepting all, being all understanding and most of all, don’t write your answer in capital letters!

SkepDoc 2.0

make your questions and answers bland, boring and inoffensive to almost everyone. Be politically correct at all times.
but what is the point of that?
I enjoy thumbs down and being reported…it means I have struck a nerve, and hopefully made somebody think.


Never have an interesting or funny answer…in other words, be a milk toast.
Who wants that?


It would take a lack of participation to avoid reports and thumbs down.
But, who really cares what the less informed and simply stupid think anyway?!

8 Track Mind

You should know me well enough by now to know that I always try to think well of people. I always give everyone the benefit of the doubt. But, being on y/a for so long, I have had to drop my intentional naivette. There really are some people out there who just like to hurt people. For whatever reason, they are unhappy, or they are just sociopaths who have access to the internet, they are just plain evil.
So, how do you not get reported or get a thumbz down? Well, my only suggestion would be to not be here at all. Since that is not really the best thing to do, I guess you and I will have to learn to live with the dregs of society.

Shinigami (FAC)

Attitude adjustments at either end.
inevitably, that is what we are all here for.
We are here initially to adjust others’ attitudes, and end up making our own adjustments. The reason for this is 1) we are adaptable and 2) we have to protect ourselves and 3) a larger more diverse group of opinions is sometimes needed in order for us to thrive.


I think you must make a deal with the Great Yamster.

Major Trouble

Dances, you are so far beyond many people spiritually that some people just don’t know how to comprehend it and feel scared, I suppose. Just keep being who you are, I learn a lot by following your Q&A. If you get deleted, dust yourself off, and sign up again my friend 🙂

The Confirmed Atheist

Ask not, and be reported not… that is thy golden rule!

Rez Rostov

I guess its all part of the Y/A game. Some come to ask, some to answer, some to inform,,others simply come to cause trouble. Like a little microcosmos.


LOL! You are not the lone stranger.
What does it take to never get a TD or reported?
Why a miracle of course, you knew this!
EDIT: wow, that was fast! LOL!


I would guess that it takes no participation to avoid reports or td’s. It would be nice if everyone could speak their minds without offending others, but with so many differing opinions out there it’s impossible to not offend someone.


You are a shining light. The dark hides all sorts of lost souls. Keep on doing what you do…..being who you are…..maybe one day those lost souls might catch a glimpse of what the joy of life really feels like because of you.
I don’t experience snow or frozen pipes here, ever, but today is very cool and cloudy and i think it’s going to rain….and it’s summer here!

Mysterious Panda

Oh yes.. The T’Downers will oneday open their minds…
It may hurt them alot to shed negative thought patterns
Till then, keep insiring them, And dont worry about the few weeds,
Clean the weeds from the garden and your bound to get pricked by thorns a few times


use your seventh sense (which nobody has) …lol…dont worry we all are in same boat but we will sail through these hurdles…so cheer up.


by being invisible
there is hardly anyone on YA who never got troubled by thumbs downers and reporters.They have chance if they dont waste time on reporting and become spiritually inclined LOL
ps – OMG its damn cold there!


Enjoy the life man, that’s what happens too in real life, one has to ignore short comings of others and appreciate the good 🙂


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