What Does It Take To Be A Witch That Only Practices White Magic?

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I’ve Always Was Interested In White Magic & I’ve Always Wanted To Practice It. I Was Wondering What Does It Take To Be A Witch That Only Practices White Magic.

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Dead Sea Troll

Low self-esteem and an unhealthy appreciation for Tim Burton.


Magic is not white or black, it’s neutral. The intent behind the spell is what makes it positive or negative.
What it takes is years of study. You never stop studying even once you begin practicing. I recommend you go to http://www.witchvox.com and start reading there. Check and see if there are any local witches who can offer friendship and/or classes to help you along the way.


anyone who says that there is white magic is an idiot. Magic is all the same it is not white or black, I mean come on what a joke. real magicians laugh at people who say there is a difference

CATheist II

Get you a stick, wave it over your head while chanting your wish followed by:
I hope this works, I hope this works….


Not Every Word Needs To Be Capitalized And It Doesn’t Make You Look More Intelligent As That Seems To Be A Physical Impossibility.

Kira (JPA)

magick is neutral. you can choose to use magick with only good intent though.
read “Modern Magick” by Donald Kraig


There’s no such thing as “white” or “black” magic, those are matters of intent. As to becoming a witch I’d recommend avoiding web-sites completely at first, the best starting point of which I’m aware is Scott Cunningham’s book “Wicca, a Guide for the Solitary Practitioner”. It covers all the basics including self-initiation and is readily available both on-line and in the New Age section of any good book store. If you are only interested in spell casting without the religious aspect you don’t want witchcraft you wan Ceremonial Magic, or “thaumaturgy”, and the best introduction to that is “Real Magic” by Isaac Bonewits, which is just as easily found as Cunningham.

Robin A

You need INT of at least 14 and an Alignment of either Lawful Good or Neutral Good.

Child of Venus

A strong belief in fiction.
Really, there is no such thing as white magic, or black magic for that matter. Magic is colorless. Now, if you were wondering what it takes to be a witch, period, you will get a much better answer. A witch is someone who uses his or her (yes the term is gender neutral) will and intent to create change in the world. Witchcraft is like focused prayer. Magic is used as an aid to help us when mundane methods fail, not as an alternative to the mundane. Magic is natural, and therefore cannot break any natural laws such as gravity (no flying broomsticks) and free will (no manipulation of people). A witch who casts a spell to find a job has to actually look for a job and apply in order to get it; his or her spell just helps to tip the scales in his or her favor. Whether a witch chooses to cast spells for things like revenge or not is completely up to the individual’s sense of ethics. Most witches will not find a problem with causing harm to prevent a greater harm (cursing a rapist), but some will even avoid that (casting a protection spell on the potential victim instead), and even others will use magic to deliver karma directly to one who has wronged them (a curse out of revenge). Whether you agree with any of these practices over the others is up to your personal ethical code, but a choice of one over the other does not make you a white or black witch. Research witchcraft before you get into it. Make sure that it’s actually what you’re looking for before starting. You’ll make fewer mistakes that way. It takes long study to be a witch, or at the very least, a dedication to that long study. May you find peace and happiness no matter which path you choose.
Venus Bless


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