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What does it mean when you're doing meditation and hearing a large explosion inside of your head?

What does it mean when you meditate and you hear a loud explosion right inside the center of your head? My friend had this experience and it freaked her out. She has no history of brain/ nuerological disorders/problems. She meditates frequently. Is she “clearing her mind” or something? She said it doesn’t sound like an actual sound that existed outside, but only inside of her head/ and it was pretty loud.


  1. It means stop meditating and hide under a desk.
    Primitive humans of the early 20th century actually believed that hiding under a desk would save your life in the event of a bombing.

  2. It is quite possible that the spirits that have entered her head are breaking wind. Would be advisable for her to bend down to release wind from rear.

  3. Gosh, I don’t know. Never had an explosion in my head!!! If your ear drum burst, guess that would do it or if a blood vessel burst in your brain that must do it.

  4. I’ve had that happen while attempting to sleep, wakes me the f^ck up.
    of course, i’ve also had a voice that was not my own singing a song I never heard before, i’ve had arguments over whether to use BBQ sauce or Mayo on a sandwich (But what if i hurt the bbq sauce’s feelings?)
    I’ve had voices not my own having conversations….
    The only thing I can mildly think of (aside from the argument over the sandwich) is that you’re starting to dream a little bit….subconscious and conscious thought mixing is never a fun experience 😛 Subconscious speaks to us in symbols and in ways that are completely wEiRd by what we are used to.

  5. Hotep,
    I cant say exactly because I am not your friend. However, i do know that while meditating or even praying, hindrances pop up; pain, sleepiness, boredom, ideas and thoughts. The trick is not to attack the hindrances, but to merely acknowledge their existence. If you are tired and the thought of your tiredness comes to your consciousness while meditating; acknowledge that you are tired, you may even give the reason for fatigue, but then return to the meditation. It goes away.
    For some of you devout christians who believe everyone is going to hell, even your christ said to meditate.
    Salaam, shalom, peace

  6. Sounds like “Exploding Head Syndrome”, which I randomly stumbled across yesterday.
    I very much doubt this will be correctly explained by science, she’s just getting better at meditating! This sort of stuff is common place during out of body experiences and meditations, and doesn’t stop at explosions. Music is also possible, so are crickets (those are kundalini-related). I’ve had chainsaws, stones dropping into water, all sorts…

  7. Hello Lee
    Its quite normal!
    When you meditate you awaken other senses making it possible to experience all sort of things from sound, touch, sensations etc.
    It is a sign that she is reaching deep states of meditation – well done!

  8. Well there is something called the omigdula switch and it is believed to be a switch that one can turn on and off with the mind and this may have been what happened.

  9. i had a similar experience recently when i was smoking a cigarette one late night and i had to put the cigarette down. i was hearing a loud swoosh noise that would start quiet and get very loud. it was quite scary so i figured i should go inside and lay down, and it went away.
    i looked it up, and they say it is simply your mind trying to sleep, or something along those lines, which i figure makes sense because i was quite drowsy when i experienced this loud swoosh explosion. its your brain trying to put you in a state of sleep paralysis.
    i have experienced sleep paralysis in the form of lucid dreaming, and i must say, it was a quite similar sound to the sounds i was hearing when i was entering sleep paralysis, while awake.

  10. It was her Third Eye opening. Often our pineal gland or Third Eye is “blocked” due to it being calcified. But once it is opened the person will hear a loud crackling sound in the middle of the mind, where the third eye is located.

    • I cannot believe I am coming across this site. For two years I have been looking for the answer to this experience, only when meditating. The only thing that happened to me that was extremely strange was twice when this happened as I was falling asleep, I would wake up and my door would be open and a mirror that I have on my bedroom wall would be off to the side ( I always sleep with my door closed). I was also just doing a psych transcription report where they named what I had experienced “exploding head syndrome” which is what I googled and was led here. I am so glad I have a name for it now, but I do believe there is more to what psychs call “exploding head syndrome’ spiritually, as my door was opened twice when this happened and once my mirror was tilted on the wall. Has anyone else noticed things in the room move when this happened?

  11. Yeah Ive had the same experience. Its like a booming sound. A small explosion inside your head. Its like an internal happening. It only happend when you go really deep inside your thought or mind. It is like you are standing on the Edge of darkness. And sometime you can also hear a voice of small words. And it is really loud. But you know it is not from the outside. ( external )
    After the booming sound or the deep meditation you feel a little bit scared because you dont know where its coming from. But also you feel fully awakend and kinda refresh.
    But I am still looking for the right explanation or answer for that unknown feeling.


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