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What does it mean when your root chakra is underactive yet your crown chakra is open?

What might that look like in a person in terms of personality?
Do you people really feel good about yourselves when you say rude things? I would be ashamed of myself had I been that way. I don’t even believe in this stuff, but I am trying to understand my closest friend who does. I’m trying to be respectful. It must be hard not to let your true colors fly when you get to hide behind a screen name. Mature.

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  1. The size and activity of your chakras are not related to each other.
    you can have a very active and big chakra and at the same time a blocked chakra
    if the root chakra is blocked and deactive it makes you loose your interest in every thing very soon
    you are a controlling guy
    and you do not feel peace and calm inside
    and the crown chakra helps you to receive energy from the universe
    big crown chakra means you are so kind.
    Crown chakra is the heart of God

  2. This might manifest as a personality who is so absorbed in spiritual practice that they have lost connection with the world around them. They are trying to open completely to the spiritual while ignoring any kind of grounding to real life. Detached and aloof.


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