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what does it mean when your aura feels tingly around the head or fingers?

Does anyone know what it means when your head tingles..its the best way to explain it..im pretty sure it has something to do with the aura would it mean that someone is takin my energy?


  1. When chakras heal (a doorways to the aura / and astral layers) … sensitive people can feel a tingling. If this feels like a good vibe … then it’s healing … but if it burns or stings … you may be around negative energy.
    There are spiritual vampires , these can be essences of disincarnates or other people you’re around … wash your hands , change positions, go for a walk, and envision the essence with the word dismissed stamped on them. Try playing music honoring a true God. Try your best not to let others steal your energy … The act of this vicious stealing placed me in the hospital for emergency surgery … it can cause physical harm… do your best to avoid it and ask to be kept at your highest goodness.
    Another caution: there is also a form of spiritual dumping that causes harm … these things need to be avoided. A real and true threat to spiritually sensitive people.


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