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What does it mean when you hear that there is trouble in the 7th House?

If someone could help, it would be very much appreciated. I am a very spiritual person (no religion) and heard this after I awakened from a dream.
I know very little of astrology. I know that I’m a Scorpio.
What do you have on your 7th house? What exactly are you referring to?
I dreamed that my husband was cheating. When I awoke, yes, I heard an audible voice say, “There is trouble in your 7th House.” I didn’t even know that there was a 7th House or any House for that matter.
I have always been very in tune with all of nature. I’ve known things right before they happen, such as; my father’s death, I told my mother three hours before the police came to the house that he had died in a car. He had. Things have happened like this to me all my life.


  1. First, if you have grandparents, check on them. Second, if you have nieces/nephews check on them. Trust no one new that comes into your life at this point without thoroughly checking them out. If you are married, first encourage your spouse to get a physical. Second, is your spouse behaving differently/are they cheating perhaps or something troubling them, like being fired or laid off? There are any number of possible reasons for dreaming such. Most important, what do you have on your 7th house so I can better help you? You heard it as in a voice, or from someone else? I am inclined to think you have a prominent Neptune or Uranus/Mercury.


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