What does it mean when you have a dream and you fall in love with someone?





last night i had a weird dream.i like this kid on this t.v show called degrassi (lol) and i was thinking about him that night. later i was watching t.v i was tired so i tured it off and fell asleep. then in my dream there was this HOT kid who turns out to be my b.f.. I remember my hugging him and kissing him and all that. the think is i dont even know if it was the kid i liked from that show. so then i THINK i wake up from my dream, look around (idk), then go back to sleep. Then i have this other dream the same night. All i remember i was in this place and there were these zombie like things so i ran to the back room, there were too other people, so we locked the door.i dont know who the guy was or the girl. and later in my dream im at the store with the girl and i think my b.f. but he was younger, i mean like 6,7,8 IDK but younger. they both were.but i was still my age. so at the store we started looking around. i got mad for something then i started walking on my own. they looked for me then left me.i was mad. then i think i saw them go upstairs, and i was looking for a way to get out so later i follow them. i realized there was no door up there just a window i look out and i see them they see my, so i started to climb out, i hear them yelling “NODNT GO OUT” so i get back out and the people in the room were just looking at me so i go to the first floor again. i find the exit but it looks differnet. not like im in the store anymore. so im outside i walk around and, i see them flirting! they tried to ignore me. so when the girl was alone i think i talked to her. then after i was done i went to my “b.f.” and talked to him. (more like yelling). and i realized i saw my cousin near a tree, she saw me and came over and started defending me. idk what happend next but i woke up. i kept thinking about my first dream. i think i could cry now. i mean i loved him in that dream so MUCH!. idk what it means, but if you think you could help me please cause i wanna know what it means :]. sorry if its too long,lol


  1. i know right? i get those dreams so often now a days, it’s creepy. had one last night i was holding on to the arm of a guy my age but i could never make out the face, and the feeling was so strong that when i woke up i litterally was sad ! alot of people say you’ll acutally meet someone soon, or the dream was caused by the lack in life.

  2. Do you love your best friend? If so, then you have found the answer. The turmoil of the dreams suggest you have questions about progressing beyond a friendship, but don’t be dismayed. I’ve had profoudly sexual and loving dreams about my very best male friend though he and I are not together in this life, instead I married our mutual friend.

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