Sunday, September 26, 2021

What does it mean when you drop a card in Tarot?

I dropped the card The Star. I know it means intuition but what does it mean when it drops?


  1. It means it’s really trying to get your attention. 🙂
    I used to do that, keep shuffling till one dropped out on the floor. It’s a bit time consuming though because you get better and better at shuffling. lol
    Practicing Shaman,.. quantum physics rocks.

  2. Many tarot readers will tell you that the most significant tarot cards pulled during a shuffle/spread are the ones that fall, leap, or drop out of the deck. These are the cards to pay the most attention to, as Spirit is trying to tell you something. The Star means more than follow your Intuition. But the meaning can depend on what you were thinking at the time of the shuffle. Were you contemplating a new job, a different career path, a creative endeavor, a move, a school venture? What was on your mind is important. So, if you were thinking about something that would make a change in your life, having The Star fall out of the deck would mean that you should go ahead and follow your heart. But it can also mean that you are being urged to follow your intuition more. Also, you may want to consider if the card fell in a reversed position.

  3. If you were a Tarot reader, you would already know it means NOTHING. It’s only an object, made of paper which is cockroach food.

  4. If you drop a card it’s generally meaning that you need to take note of it. For example, if a person asks a question and they drop a card the card generally is responding to–and often times answering–the question. It’s especially important to take note if you a drop a card, or even if you drop a few cards.

  5. Hello Cass
    When a card leaves the deck it can be called a ‘Jumper’. It can be read or left – use your intuition.
    The Star is a card of spring, new starts, positive health & minds. It is a healing card. A card that shows that pain is passing.


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