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What does it mean when you draw the Hanged Man, The Judgement, and the Death card in a Tarot reading?

I did a simple 3 card draw, which was a Love, Mood, and Career Reading for the Day. Respectively, the cards that came up were The Hanged Man, The Judgement, and Death cards. I didn’t like the feeling these cards brought to me. Any Ideas on what it could mean???
Note: I dont do these often, I am really just curious.


  1. it means you have the belief that the tarot cards are guided by an intelligence. yet you do not believe in God the Creator of the universe.
    you have great faith to believe what you do
    and although there are countless variations on the tarot deck, you have picked the one that is right!!!
    yes YOU!!!

  2. The hanged man represents sacrifice, normally for the sake of gaining something. So either you’ll sacrifice your love for someone, or you’ll sacrifice something for your love.
    Judgement represents a major, non destructive change-this will happen to your mood, I guess. It also represents a cleansing and such.
    Death represents rebirth. How it applies to your career I have no idea.
    Mind you, I don’t actually believe any of these things. It’s just interesting.

  3. The Hanged Man represents a state of limbo, or stagnation… basically, no changes and no growth. Judgment reflects the balance of wrong and right, and how you are viewed in your actions. Death means a sudden, unexpected change.
    So, you are not experiencing much in your love life, your mood is one of contemplative balance, and something will change drastically in your career.
    I haven’t read Tarot in 15 years… because they are just cards, not a tool of divination. Interpret them how you like, it’s the power of suggestion that causes the influence.

  4. You are in for some major changes in your life. Not necessarily a bad thing – change helps you to learn and grow.
    However – if you are resistant to this change, you’re only going to make it harder for yourself.

  5. They point to revising your expectations. Re-prioritizing. A shift in focus. Not necessarily negative because re-examining your expectations can give you an new blueprint for your future- an expanded one.
    Widen your perspectives on what “Love” “Mood” and “Career” mean to you.
    Then widen again. And again.

  6. It is the spirit behind the Tarot (demon) which is LOL because of the nature of the subject matter, fornication = death and judgment, fornication the hang man. Most often people go with the gratification of sinful sex instead of heeding the commandment of God, the boast of the demon being out front, is the mockery at your ignorance, innocence or unawares.
    The tarot card is demonic luring an inroads to emotions and felling in type invasion into the soul to erect strongholds. The lure is enticement, a feeding of the Lust, in a person to lead them into fulfilling their Lust and passions, hangman speaks of sudden gratification facilitation, to promote and take captive, the one indulging into the tool and vehicle through satan uses to oppress the captives and their families


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