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What does it mean when two magician cards appear in one tarot reading from the same deck? Not possible or ?

During a Tarot reading, with a well-known and well-used deck, two Magician cards came up (both visible at the same time)… which should not be possible?


  1. Of course its possible.
    a solution: there were two magician cards in the deck to start with.
    not a solution: an extra magician card magically appeared out of nothing.

  2. It could mean one of three things:
    1. You shuffled the deck a bit too well between turning up successive cards, and the magician card that you had already replaced found its way back to the top.
    2. You mistook another card for the magician.
    3. There could actually be two magician cards in the deck. Try counting the cards ….. there should be 22 trumps, 14 coins, 14 cups, 14 wands and 14 swords.

  3. Sounds like the Thoth deck that comes with 2 magician cards. Usually people will pull one of the cards from the deck and set it off to the side. So, who ever was shuffling, did not pull the extra magician out.
    Most other decks do not have extra cards so this would not happen unless there is a fresh new deck and the collator machine back at the facotry put two magician cards into the stack, it happens, but it’s not supposed to be like that.

  4. I believe the Thoth deck has two magician cards. I don’t know of any other decks that do. If you are not using a deck that should have two of these cards, then obviously a card from another deck had been mixed in by mistake. In any event, there is no important meaning when this has happened.


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