What does it mean when someone completely takes over both your conscious and subconscious minds?

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Someone who deep down you feel you are meant to be with but yet the current circumstances don’t allow you to be together. Every waking moment and even sleeping, your mind automatically drifts to this person. No matter how hard you try to “be sensible” and direct it anywhere else, it always comes back to this one person and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

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Love is the answer to everything. All you ever need is love,
communication and understanding. That’s what I figured out so
far. If you are down, you need to get up and start doing something with
your life. Don’t need to be shy, be straight forward and allways say what
you want and expect from the others.
If you have the time, and you are looking for someone, complete this simple
form and start dating.


I think thats how stalkers feel m8 lol


It means you have been abducted by aliens.


good luck with that i had it happen to me. Its annoying, eventually it fades a little


It means you are in love and that’s that. The other person is the love of your life. You have found your one true love. There is nothing in this whole wide world that will relieve you of that and I guess the best way to go about is to keep feeling it, letting it soak you up because if you resist, it’s only going to get even more intense and will grip even more harder at your heart. The only prescription is to be with the love of your life. If circumstances do not allow, then I have no solution for you except to tell you I understand what you are going through and that you are not alone.

Dr. Feelgood

I guess that chip I had them implant in your neck works!


This is called an obsession, it is not healthy. You need to see a counselor to learn to distance yourself emotionally from this person, or you will regret allowing yourself to be totally mentally
taking over by this person. Did you know that many domestic violence victims start out this way with a person? Be good to your self, don’t fall into a trap that could ruin the rest of your life.


it simply means u r in love


why dose a psychic have crystal ball?

lol i Always wanted to know what they do with it

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