What does it mean when others see your spirit guide?

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Right! My spirit guide is a white wolf, one day I was out and my mother saw it at the top of our stairs. Is someone else seeing it a bad omen, or something?
I already knew she was sensitive, we all are. Im just glad that theres nothing dodgy about it. Thanks november, ill leave it a while longer but chances are youll get the 10 points lol

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November Ocean

No not at all! It just means your mother is perceptive enough to see your spirit guide’s energy.


it’s like that old disney show…so weird

mr x

it could have been a demon or a ghost it could have been your spirit guideif you ever see your guide your in for bad luck if others see it their in for bad luck 😉

Barbie doll lover

We all have one, I have yet to “see” mine but I have felt him on a few occasions. One time my guide came in a put his hand on my shoulder while I was sleeping. It woke me up to a point I thought it was my boyfriend telling me he was leaving for work. It freaked me out, but I’m glad to know he’s there. I did a meditation once and the most I know is, he’s male, and he is a Shaman. No it’s not a bad omen.


i see a black wolf all the time next to my bae and evey were he say his name is riku i some times see other peoples guardiuns can some one help


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