What does it mean when I keep dreaming that I have telekinesis?

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I’ve been dreaming that I had telekinesis since I was a kid but lately it’s been happening every night and I got to be honest…I wonder if it means anything and if it COULD mean anything?
Any real answers out there?

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they say yu have dreams about things you think about to much, idn though :O
i always have dreams about the world ending. i have been having the dream over a year now.

brkoen xbox kid

It mean you want to masturbate 8us8e88ing telekenisis

Code X Gigas

It’s just a Dream. Dreams have no meaning 😛


In my opinion:
While you sleep, your mind is wide awake. It is busy sorting through everything that you have done while you were awake, storing, computing, analysing…
If you notice, the dreams that you have will often relate to something that happened to you. The big example of this is people who go through a bad experience and re-live it over and over again in their dreams. Dreams can also contain your thoughts, your wishes (in your case it seems like the wish to have telekinesis!), your fears, basically anything that is in your mind gets jumbled up and put together in some sort of order. That also explains why dreams make sense to you as you go through them.
So, dreams DO have meaning, it just depends on how you analyse them. I certainly don’t think that you can tell the future from your dreams but you CAN work out what’s hidden in your mind. My friend had a recurring dream where she was given bitter cakes as a reward (in this part of the world, people are given sweet cakes if they do well at something), and we worked out that she was terrified of failing her exams (hence being given something bad as a reward). I have interpreted my dreams many times to try and work out what on earth is troubling me!
I hope that helped, I know it’s a little deep and theoretical, but hey, it’s all good!

Megan P

OMG ME 2!!!! I JUST HAD A DREAM LIKE THAT THE OTHER NIGHT! IT WAS AMAZING! Maybe you really *do* have telekinesis. Try it out and then post it. i want all the details!!! 🙂


I have been having the exact same problem. So I have been wondering and researching lately too. All I can find is that it means we are in the lucid dreaming state where we can control our dream, and that it may represent unlocked potential. However I am still trying to apply it to why I have been having them for long so.often.


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