What does it mean when a person has negative energy?





Is it negative emotions or a negative outlook on life that attracts bad experiences?


  1. Below i have provided you with links to explain it in detail if I do not do a good enough job.
    But yes negative emotions attract negative out comes in life.
    If you feed into it it will feed on you and produce more negative events. And you tend to view the world an everything around you as negative.
    Positive energy is the key!.
    Practice the art of positive energy to turn around your life’s situations.
    SGI / http://www.sgi.org/ – Buddhism is a great practice of bring positive energy into your life. And It is something you can practice with out leaving from your current religion it’s all accepting.
    Finding the positive in everything is the hardest task to undertake but is worth the Challenge and rewards.

  2. i think its a little bit of both. when a person is said to have negative energy, it usually means a bad outlook or someone who can affect a situation negatively. basically, its just a way to say that someone seems a troublemaker or someone to be unsure about. negative emotions would make up some of it though

    • but i dont seem like that.. its cause sometimes i will play the ouija board and everytime i play i usually ask a question and it always goes to the demon and doesint answer my question.. my mom says if it goes to the demon it means i have alot of negative energy around me.. is that really true.. even when i dont pplay and my friends play they will play and it answers them but when i go around it goes to the demon.. :/

  3. I’d say it means that someone thinks negatively so when your near them others pick up that negative feeling around them. Its probably a vicarious cycle and thinking negitively also attracts bad experiences or it makes us interpret good experiences as not so good.

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