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What Does it Mean To See Auras?

I’ve known this since I was 3. I would always tell my mother, ” Mommy your colors are pretty today!” whenever she was happy. She thought it was my imagination. But now, I can see them as plain as daylight. I don’t know who to go to because no one believes me. I never even stay sick for long either. My mother took me to a professional because that’s what I asked her to do. He told me that I have a healing aura and can see when other people are in danger. He really didn’t give a full explanation or what it means. Please Help!


  1. Auras have been thought to be fictional, but I personally believe in them. I don’t necassarily see colors, but I am sure given off a sense of what kind of person they are, so a mood they’re in. Although it can just be body language, I feel an aura is a gift to those who can see/feel them. I suppose I could match colors to them though.

  2. I read this book about a mental disorder where this girl can hear colors. Whenever she heard any sounds she would see a color with it.
    Maybe you have something like that. The book is called a mango-shaped space. I forgot the author. You can probably find it on google though.
    Hope it helps.

  3. To see someone’s aura is to see their colors. Every color has a personality attached to it. You sound like you have a gift of seeing that in people. you might want to get some books to read about it. And if it a gift then make sure you use it wisely and carefully. Otherwise, such gifts get polluted and taken away from you. Cherish it.

  4. I’m not quite sure myself, I can’t see them, but I can feel them. It feels like a different kind of pressure to me and it tells me what mood they’re in, or if they’re going to have a good day… I think that it’s a sense that I think all human beings possess, but some times they’re so caught up in their daily lives that they kinda fall out of tune with it. You have a gift, so embrace it! ^_^ that’s the best advice that i can offer you…

  5. well….like most who answered i can feel peoples aura and i hope that one day if i can actually train myself to see aura like you do!!!
    Omg its so hard! how can you do it so easily! i can even change peoples auras……..all i can do is idenify and those for the one with special auras….

  6. What you have is a “gift” that is the result of a lot of hard work over several lifetimes. You have “earned” sufficient Spiritual Evolution that you brought with you into this life an ability to “see” into the physical plane with Astral Vision. As long as you do not abuse or misuse this ability, it will likely remain with you throughout your life.
    I suggest for your own benefit that you do some research into your faculty to learn what it is you are seeing. That is, many in the East make a living by helping others understand what is wrong wihin them by “reading” [subtle MIND-level energies] and the specific coloration suggests a lack of something or too much of something,
    Most people are very fearful of the “Unknown” but they do not realize it and these people will either hate you, fear you, or want to hurt you… and this is just the way this plane is. So keep a rather low profile of your gift….


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