what does it mean to see a devil tarot card in a creek of your dream?

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i had this dream that i was camping in like a cabin type woodsy place i woke up early and made noise and woke up my uncle and his baby he was mad so i wandered off to get some peace and i seen a tarot card which was the devils tarot card in a creek and i woke up and freaked,i was doing online tarot earlier that day and the devil card did come up to my present what could it mean?

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The Devil card means humor… In moving water would mean lasting a long time. The Joke is on you.

Time and Chance Eccl 9: 11

It could mean you should drink lots more water.

Psalm 78:2

The uncle symbolizes formality I think
To camp, is to gather your thoughts
The cabin symbolizes the things that you trust in
The woods symbolize dispositions that you have
the baby symbolizes an object that is deeply cherised
Tarot symbolizes fortue
The devil’s tarot would symbolize destructiveness or malice
creek, symbolizes exposure to danger or to destruction

Sd Sd

It could mean…..nothing

super saiyan 3

First of all, woodsy place can symbolize the place of trials, testing, tribulation and so on. The part about your uncle and his baby can symbolize “conflict” which has caused you to lose sight of what’s right. Therefore, causing you to wander off looking for something which will bring relief and peace as you said. The creek or water in this sense can symbolize “refreshment”. But by the devil card being in the water, it symbolizes that you have chosen a source of refreshment which is demonic in nature. Basically, the tarot card reading might sound fun and relaxing, but there are demonic elements working behind to bring you harm.


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