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what does it mean to "Rechannel suppresed anger or negative feelings"?? and how is this done?

is the person suppose to remember past events that caused this anger to turn inward and kind of “relive” it in their mind?
or how do they refeel and rechannel this negative , inward energy? and how painful is it?
also, how are they controlled so they dont become a danger to others when this is happening?
how this is said to improve their “Wiring” in their brain again etc?
and why some think that medicines are the way to treat these conditions when really this is just suppressing these feelings more making them depressed,,is it not?
please explain and describe
also, is there a name attached to this process? is it hypnotherapy? catharsis? age regression involved or not necessarily?
also, please explain
thanks for your answers!


  1. Rechannel. Find a new outlet or healthy way to get rid of the suppressed negative feelings. You aren’t reliving anything, necessarily – you’re finding a healthy and non-harmful way to rechannel it for a different purpose.

  2. G
    Turn attention to the learning potential in events and reflect on what can be done to avoid future negativity.
    You can’t control what other people do, only what you think and do.
    The way to gain value from any event is outlined below.
    Create Self-Directed Victory
    How I dug myself out of frustration.
    By Generalist
    I kept crashing my life despite my best efforts. My opinions, and those of my friends, and authors, about how to live had failed me, so I began to review them.
    The big question was, “How can I stop driving my life on the wrong side?”
    At a SGI-USA meeting, I found out that the method to consistently drive on the correct side of happiness had been summarized as Nam Myoho Renge Kyo by the humanist Nichiren. He lived in 13th century Japan. Here is the, “just add hot water” version.
    1-Everything is always changing. The time scales vary, but nothing is constant. That’s Kyo.
    2-Causes produce effects. Sometimes this is not obvious because of time gaps between the cause and the appearance of effects. That’s Renge.
    3-Life is both physical and non-physical. That’s Myoho.
    4-I needed to organize my mind according to what’s real in order to win. That’s Nam.
    I started to recite Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. It took some time to discard my cynicism, even when I got phenomenal results from it. Joining with others at SGI turned out to enhances the effectiveness and gets me a great support group.
    My own experiences as a result of reciting the formula and working with friends for peace, culture and happiness

  3. The easiest way to explain this is. To change form a introvert to an extrovert. If you have been holdling back feelings this means you are not fully expressing your emotions fully and the balance in your life this brings. When someone is said to be an all round balanced person this means that very part of them psychical and mental is balanced and in perpsective. Drugs can help mood swings but as you say, it only cures the symptoms not the cause. do /read something that you wouldn’t normally do – challenge yourself – mentally. If you achieve something and this achievement is positive you will learn to recognise these feelings and learn to act on them.+

  4. Supressing emotion has nothing to do with past events, although people may have learnt from childhood that it’s not ok to express anger (for a variety of reasons).
    Whilst you can go back to the source which requires a lot of therapy and patience, it’s often a lot easier to just start becoming more aware of your own feelings, the source of anger and sadness and dealing with it appropriately. So, expressing anger in a healthy way to rectify the behaviour that made you angry.
    It’s unlikely that plain anger will lead to violence. Violence is usually a more pathological issue.
    There are those who argue medication will not fix the route of the problem, but it depends why people are taking their medication. I don’t think anyone is prescribed medication to help control anger except in a forensic situation and that’s a bit different.
    There’s no name for expressing appropriate anger.

  5. i was uneasy about the subject line for this question as this kind of wording is used by a number of cults when trying to entice people in. I wondered from what you are quoting. These organisations do target people who are vulnerable because of unhappiness or mental illness. If this describes your situation, and you have recently been befriended by someone who has suggested this might help, please be very wary. Also be wary of advertising or courses that suggest this may help
    To answer your question:
    1) Drug treatment for depression and anxiety can be very useful on a short-term basis, to help people get through the initial problems. Where the problem is caused by an event, that may be all someone needs to allow them to get back onto an even keel.
    2) If the condition does not clear up then other help is required.
    The theory behind this treatment is that someone uses energy dealing with negative thoughts and feelings and this energy is not available for more positive uses. Also that having negative feelings prevents you from being able to do positive things (anyone who has been depressed will recognise that). By recognising and dealing with the negativities in your life, you have more energy to devote to positive, life-enhancing things.
    The “wiring in your brain” causes you to react in certain ways in certain circumstances. It is possible to learn to react diffferently in these situations.
    The problem is one of who, precisely is carrying out this therapy.
    Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is a useful way of rewiring your brain It is non-invasive but does require effort and committment from the participant and can be upsetting.
    The other form of therapy you are taking about can be positively dangerous if undertaken by someone not properly qualified. It takes a great deal of time and committtment and will stir up all kinds of unpleasant memories.
    I would urge you to see your GP before doing any kind of therapy. They are able to make referrals for CBT and any others you may require.


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