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What does it mean to have EXCESS amounts of quartz in yard?

We live north of Atlanta, GA…close to the foothills of the mountains. We have unbelievable amounts of clear(white) and rose (pink) quartz…every time it rains there is even more!


  1. We live on the side of a rail-track so as well as the rain the train vibrations continually bring stones to the surface, I guess, it must be similar for you, but with quartz.

  2. You live atop a major bed of rock, so to speak. northern GA, & NC are known for quartz, as well as sapphires in NC. I’d say you’ve got a nice rock pile going on, as quartz in it’s many colors is attractive. I wouldn’t mind some rose quartz in my garden. It would be such a nice change over the lava stone I see house, after house, in my neighborhood.

  3. Don’t they find gold veins in and near quarts?
    Quartz is also meant to vibrate at even and can be quite therapeutic.
    You could also rake it up and sell it for $20 a bag for gardens etc


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