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What does it mean to have a purple aura?

My friend can see auras and energy fields. Well, apparently, I have a purple aura. He didn’t know what it meant or anything, but I am curious as to see what it means. Like, what does having a purple aura say about my personality or my being? Is it something good or bad?


  1. purple is generally a very spiritual or ethereal (of the fifth element- ether) colour. auras change as you change so it really depends on the mood you were in etc when your aura looked purple- maybe your friend was seeing your personal energy or your emotions rather than your aura. Purple generally would say good things about you (tho my personal energy is purple so i might be a bit biased :P) but the negative side of purple is that it can also represent detachment or even inflated self-importance. one the upside purple can means great depth of spirit, and sometimes a talent for divination and other psychic arts. this is all from my own experience and opinions tho so if you need more in depth answers look it up- theres heaps out there on the subject. 🙂 *Blessed Be*

  2. The aura is an electromagnetic vibration that all livings things create around themselves.
    An aura has all seven colors, red to purple, which appear as layers of color to people who can see them. Red is closest to the body and purple the farthest away.
    If a single color appears more prominent than the others, we say the person exhibits the traits associated with that level of the aura. Red would be a very grounded, instinctual person.
    Purple is a very spiritual person, very in touch with the Universe. It also denotes intelligence.


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