What does it mean to dream of your boyfriend kissing you?

Alright, me old muckers! Gather 'round, 'cause we're about to delve into the mysterious world of dreams. Picture this: you're fast asleep, dreamin' away, and suddenly your beloved boyfriend plants a smacker right on your lips! Now, you might be wonderin',
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Alright, me old muckers! Gather ’round, ’cause we’re about to delve into the mysterious world of dreams. Picture this: you’re fast asleep, dreamin’ away, and suddenly your beloved boyfriend plants a smacker right on your lips! Now, you might be wonderin’, “What in the blimey ‘eck does that mean?” Fear not, for I’m ‘ere to spill the beans and decipher the meaning behind dreamy lip-locks. So, sit back, relax, and prepare for a journey into the realm of dreamland snoggin’!

What Dreams May Come: When it comes to dreams, they’re a bit like a mixed bag o’ tricks, ain’t they? Some folks reckon dreams are like a cosmic message, a peek into our subconscious, while others think they’re just a load of codswallop. Now, dreamin’ of your boyfriend layin’ one on ya might seem straightforward, but there’s more to it than meets the ol’ mince pies.

The Symbolism Behind the Snog: Dreams, my friend, are known to be a tricky business. They often speak in symbols and metaphors, like a proper cockney riddle. So, let’s take a gander at what this dream smooch might signify:

  1. Emotional Connection: A cheeky dream kiss from your boyfriend could be a sign of the deep emotional bond you share. It’s like your subconscious is tellin’ ya, “Blimey, love, you’re emotionally intertwined like two peas in a pod!”
  2. Desire and Passion: Dreamin’ of a lip-lock with your fella might mean that the fires of desire are burnin’ bright. It’s like your subconscious is sayin’, “Cor, you’ve got some serious sizzle goin’ on, you lucky devil!”
  3. Communication and Understanding: A dreamy kiss could also symbolize a desire for better communication or a need for emotional closeness with your bloke. Your subconscious might be sayin’, “Oi, talk it out, love! Sort things out and get all cozy-like.”
  4. Trust and Security: Dreamin’ of a smooch from your boyfriend could be a symbol of trust and security in your relationship. It’s like your subconscious is whisperin’, “Don’t you worry, darlin’. You’re safe and loved in his arms.”

Now, remember, these interpretations are like a piece of humble pie – they might not fit everyone’s situation. Dreams are as unique as a rare diamond, so take ’em with a pinch of salt.

Unraveling the Mysteries: If you’re a curious soul and want to unravel the deeper secrets of dreams, there are a few things you can do. Try keepin’ a dream journal, jotting down your dreams as soon as you wake up. Look for patterns and symbols, like a proper detective huntin’ for clues. And if you’re into all things esoteric, you can even try your hand at meditation or consult some mystical tomes to gain a different perspective.

Alright, my lovely lot, we’ve come to the end of our wild journey into the land of dreams. Dreamin’ of your boyfriend puckering up for a kiss can hold a myriad of meanings. It could be a symbol of emotional connection, desire, or even a call for better communication. But always remember, dreams are a personal affair, and what matters most is what they mean to you.

So, next time you find yourself dreamin’ of a smooch from your fella, don’t fret or go barmy. Instead, embrace the mystery

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I had a dream my boyfriend kissed me behind my church on the playground. We’ve never kissed before, but he talks about wanting to all the time. >.< I wish I knew what it meant.


I dream of my boyfriend kissing he.. But he has not kissed me yet… I really really really love him and I wish I new what it means


ok I am 12 and my boyfriend is too and I want him to kiss me but he is shy and I am to an I think about it all the time an I think about him all the time and we are in love I knowbc he tells me I love you all the time and your hot an pritty can somebody help.


What if ur boyfriend is way more popular than me and his friends talk behind his back and I know this is way of topic but still I dont want to get involved and make look weak but I just want to a frying pan and hit his friends upside the head what should I do?


I had a dream lastnight that My boyfriend ‘Tongue’ kissed me and I didn’t particularly like it.. I really wanna know what That means..


Ok so my boyfriend and i have been going out for a month now and weve both never had our first kiss but in my dreams for the past few days are me and him in my room laying down ang haveing a rly long hug then well kiss and then ill fall asleep on top of him with my arms around him. Is this is a good or bad sign??


I have been dreaming about my boyfriend everynight.We go to the same school.He tells me that he loves me all the time.He also calls me baby.What does that mean?


i dreamt that i was on the beach where i saw my boyfriend and cause my family never liked him I sneeked around and found him and stayed for a while before going to my parents before they notice. Then it turned to see him walking around in my house and my parents are around they apeared to know about his presence but dont know about our relationship so we sneeked kiss every once in a while. what does it mean?

harry styles crazy

all it means is that your spechal day is comming and if you dont feel comftrbal with your dreams talk about them with your boy friend he’ll understand


what does it mean when your boyfriend wants to kiss you and how do i get un nerves around him please help me


Idk how to go about this well there is this guy, i been seeing 9 months now , a couple a month’s ago i been dream about him just being next to him and in bed and living to gethere, i kinda told him i was dreaming about him and he said really and laugh at me i feel so azmaing around him and i really like him but he not look for a relship hmmmm… idk what do about this , sorry spelling is off or miss spelling words .


well i had a dream about my boyfriend kissing me last night and he did kiss me this morning.does that mean sometimes dreams become reality?


tyler bracco haveing dreams of him kissing me


i have those dream all the time hoping it will happen soon


well i´ve had those dreams too but he kisses me infront of my freind and thn my freind takes him away from mee


I think it means you simply wish that you could be with him at that moment. Maybe you miss him and you feel lonely so you think about him before you fall asleep and your mind creates a place for both of you to be. Its a way to fullfill your needs.


Don’t be afraid to tell him, but ask him what he would think about it. And see if he’s had any of these dreams like you have. If he’s your boyfriend he should be perfectly fine with your dreams about kissing because it’s bound to happen sometime. (:


i have those dreams alot and asked what my boyfrined what he thought and he said that it means you LOVE that person. and that you want to kiss them. and if your lucky enough you will get your kiss.


I was dreaming also that we where kissing in y room…and im very far from here what does it mean…


I have been wondering the excact same thing but I am kissing my boyfriend at school and my friend is always taking him away from me ??


i dreamed about my boyfriend kissing me in front of every one what does that mean


I had a dream like that and it means that he really likes you but boys are like alastick bands they ping off some to there friends and they come back boys sometimes want a bit of free space.


When you dream of kissing your boyfriend, it can mean lots of things, maybe you want to kiss him at that second, or being alone in the whole mall, maybe you want to be alone with him
Try dreaming about him again and see what happens, if your alone try to get alone.. maybe that’s all you really need

hello vy!

To see your boyfriend in your dream, represents your waking relationship with him and how you feel about him.
To dream that you are at the mall, represents your attempts in making a favorable impression on someone. The mall is also symbolic of materialism and the need to keep up with the trends, fads, and/or the latest technology.


Maybe you want that kiss too much and you Always thinking about when will it happen… you were both alone in a deserted place and i think that this means that your boyfriend is too shy to kiss you even if he really wants to…