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What does it mean to dream about seeing auras?

Okay, I really couldn’t seem to find anything about this on google, (even though I only looked for like 2 seconds but oh well). So…. I have had two dreams about seeing auras. (that I can remember….)
the first one:
I only can remember two images from this one, not the entire dream. The first image is of my hand, and there is this goldish-yellowish glow around it, and then there are these rainbow colored, ribbony line things around the outline of my hand. It was actually really pretty. But yeah… thats the first aura dream. Oh, and the other image is of me and I have the same yellowy-gold aura and the same rainbow ribbons/lines outlining my head, but theres only like one or two, less than around my hand.
The second dream:
Okay, I was walking around this wierd random-ish place with this guy (I think, I was walking around with someone, that’s all I know for sure) and he was teaching me how to see auras. We would look at something and I’d be like, is that pink/purple/orange/green/etc.. to you? And he would say yes or no. One of the times we did that he said something like ’50 out of 50!’ or something. And then he said that I was able to see auras pretty well. It was something along those lines. Except at that point, it wasn’t a guy, it looked like my best friend Sam…..
So I’m not sure what that means. It might just be the fact that I am attempting to see auras, and developign my psychic abilities. (If you are onna say I’m insane and all the psychic stuff is crap then I shun you and do not answer this question)
So… is it just my randomness or does it mean something?
Oh, and the second dream: This was last night, and I had slept with amethyst under my pillow, which helps you remember your dreams more. (Well actually, it’s supposed to make you have more dreams, But you already have dreams so I say that it helps you remember). And FYI, when I did that I remember three dreams today. I was very proud. Normally I only remember like, one or on rare occasions two.
k. thnx. bye.


  1. Dreams are the subconsciouses way of making contact with your conscious mind. What these dreams signify is that you are making process at least on the subconscious level.
    Contrary to fireballs answer auras have nothing to do with demons in fact they are written of in the bible when JC comes down from the mountain glowing (similar to Moses)
    Your 6th sense is developing nicely that is what these dreams are telling you. Remember it’s not with your “eyes” that you “see” auras. You are actually using your brain to process energy waves that exist in another plane of reality.
    Good luck in your development and feel free to e-mail me for advice or to report your progress!

    • I happened to google “dreams about seeing auras” because I just woke up from a very vivid and interesting dream in which I was seeing auras on people everywhere I went and was desperately seeking council on the purpose of this ability. The aura I saw most clearly was on another girl and was a bright purple blue ( someone was telling me to remember that colour ) .I have been reading a lot lately on mysticism and spirituality but nothing pertaining to auras . More to do with healing .
      I happened to read your reply on this topic and thought I might give it a go and ask for your two cents on the dream . Any thoughts?

    • I had an aura dream last night. It started off, I was with my friend and we were out doing something (not sure what) we came up to someone she knew and this person was a practicing psychic. she was just sitting at a table with”‹ cards in front of her. She was getting ready to read someone’s cards. As soon as she started I saw green and yellow glow from get face. I gasp but said nothing yet. The night went on and I ran into her again later with my friend. I was telling my friend her Ora was yellow and pinkish when she over heard me and asked how long I could do this. I said never before I saw you. But I could only see Ora when the concentrated on projecting it. I told her that so she did but this time she projected Yello green and a slight red color.
      Long story short, I have always felt I could read people but this dream felt very real what do you think it ment?

    • Dear Coatofskin
      I am interested in about your knowledge and experiences seeing aura… I had two dreams lately about auras. One i see aura of my sister.. iwas sort of rainbow colored..then around her shoulder it became red. same as with my grandmother who also had red aura around her heart.. do you think thiscan mean some sort of illnesses? what yet not aware of it?

  2. So maybe you are being taught how to read auras? That’s good. For the longest time all I ever heard is this is wrong and it has to do with demons. Seems the people who practice this stuff are peaceful. what type of demon is influencing these people? A peaceful demon?? I would like to learn how to read auras too. I guess I have to work on some of my negativity. Not that I have as much as others but I have some that needs to go. I hope you are blessed with all that you need.

  3. I had a dream about big shiny fish slipping from my hand with a aura around it, what does it mean. but I was feeling more peceful after that dream.

  4. Ive recently had a dream i was patting an bear? with a purple turquoise aura with a black backdrop the colors to me i could experience them rather than just seeing them they were inky and so vivid. i felt like if i touched it it would move or smudge, it was so real.


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