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What does it mean to be a human being?

What is consciousness? Do you think all humans have a “cosmic religious feeling” in that they attempt to conceive the universe as a whole? If you knew intelligent life existed elsewhere in the universe, would it change your personal view/thoughts about this?


  1. I’ve seen UFO, don’t know if it was extraterrestrial or not, but yes, It made me think. I think, there are many possibilities of different existent ways then ours, other worlds,…that our feeble minds won’t understand.There could be technology we could not imagine,…As for being human I think We have to care for ourselves, to not be weak, to be strong, so We can do all kinds of creative, exciting things.

  2. to me I see ‘humanity’ as a word-as tomatoes to be used in various preparation of meals.Real humanity ( where all thoughts and actions are positive)is very far from reality.Some say they have reached that stage but there is that ‘mental poverty'( at varying degrees) we carry at our MC-3 -refer H formula-which proves an obstacle to fall very low{see the position of the POPE and his priests if you find humanity there!]

  3. What separates people from animals? I ask this question because in reality, it isn’t much. That “cosmic religious feeling” you are talking about is the only differentiating factor between us and primitive beasts.
    This feeling is a desire for spiritually. Sadly, in most of society this desire is not fully developed or is completely dormant; therefore, we can’t truly call ourselves “human.”
    How do we become human and attain universal consciousness? The only way to become human is to elevate the desire for spirituality above all other desires.
    There is intelligent life throughout the universe, but not in the way that we think. This intelligent mind is the mind of the Creator, and it is through attaining His mind that we become fully human.

  4. Animals are controlled by their emotions.
    Humans control their emotions.
    Only the most intelligent animals, including most Humans, are able to grasp self consciousness.
    One thing that no other animal, including chimps, can do is to think about the future.


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