What does it mean if your third eye activates while you are dreaming?

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I keep on having dreams that are good then when the third eye activates, then after a while I get my dreams turning into nightmares. Examples like meeting the devil, a demon attacks or I hear a spirit talking to scare me and I wake up with my heart pounding and still remembering my vivid dreams.
I know my third eye activates, because I can feel an energy in the centre of my forehead during the dreams.
I also get dreams with mom and dad attacking me eventhough in real life they are gentle people. These dreams are so real that they scare me and the only way I can stop them is if I try to wake up before they attack me in the dream.

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They are just dreams. They don’t mean anything except perhaps what you have on your mind.
What the heck is a THIRD EYE?


It doesn’t sound good. I would seek some spiritual counselling if I were you. If you’ve been involved in occultism or esoteric practices, now is the time to stop before it gets worse…which it will. The dreams are a warning that the devil is out to get you, and if he succeeds your family will turn against you. Get out of this now.


The third eye activates from central energy that your body speaks through. The bad things you seem through it is scary though, try some relaxing body methods and put your mind to ease. They say that the third eye reveals your inner energy.
Maybe even meditation, this should ease it from such horrible sights!! Focus on something beautiful in life.


these type of dreams are about our own fears and the only way to progress in life is to face our fears
so you do so in dreams if you cant in waking life
as horrible as they are , they are most likely very healing and healthy dreams
if you can control your dreams in any way , if they are lucid enough
then make an attempt to face anything that comes to you in the dreams
I found this was a great way to help me in my daily life
your third eye activating suggests that you are attempting to tackle life more intuitively rather than doing it in ways you have previously


last time my third eye activated itself in the middle of the night I found shite in my bed.

david p

you are opening a door which you cant close. you are basically leaving it open for the demons that taunt you. i bet your life is in chaos right now too. you are messing with a form of divination and witchcraft which god hates. so he hands us over to evil to teach us a lesson. only god can get you out of this mess. turn away from this, my friend and seek out the truth of what god wants and what is truely good for us spiritually. and leave this muck behind you, you certaintly wont regret it latter. and beware the devil poses as an angel of light, so seek wisdom and protection from god. recieve the holy spirit( christs spirit ) and dont look back.


The concept of a “third eye” is a misnomer. Discount that belief. Where did you come up with the “third eye” nonsense? You may have latent perceptions or even some form of ESP but the direction you think you are seeing, is most likely the result of your worst fears. Insecurity and unbelief in your own reality could be the cause. Obviously ESP is not the problem. If it was, the events you dream would actually come true. Exit the “third eye”. Dump that idea for your own good. The whole concept of the “third eye” centers around the pituitary gland. Do you have an excess of mucus in the lungs? Could very well be a sign of glandular malfunction.


You don’t have a third eye. The frontal lobe is the center of behavioural and other conscious reactions, not a bloody spectral FM radio receiver.
Did you know that when you are asleep, your brain releases a large dose of psychoactive DMT? It’s an interesting chemical – if you take it in similar amounts to those put out naturally by your sleeping brain, you’ll have vivid dream-like sequences that fade quickly from your memory, just like your dreams.
In other words, don’t take your dreams seriously. You’re only tripping.


You are extremely ignorant and it’s sad since you have no clue what the third eye is you should keep your mouth shut. The third eye is a physical organ it’s your pineal gland and although it is in control of excreting DMT, it’s much more than just a “trip”. The third eye/pineal gland is extremely powerful,they don’t call it the “seat of the soul” for no reason. Wether or not you think it’s real or not is not up for debate because it is fact. Your pineal gland is real.


wow i thought i was nuts but now i know im not the only one out there that has this (abillity)?


My third eye trips are always scary to dont let the devil get to you if hes even actually with you. I find that its hard to control this dark purple energy and your mind is what makes you think the devil is there. If you are able to while it is very hard can control your third eye must think of nothing. If you think of more then nothing your mind will start the cycle of posative and extremely negative. The third eye can drive you insane so be careful.


Everyone here is Dumb. Your a adrenaline Junky and your nightmares are feeding your addiction. Its perfectly natural. Im just like you.

Aveli Yah

My experience was very different , I had a dream My third Eye had open And it was so amazing because my mother actually connected me and my sisters third eyes and it just started flashing Gold and then when I realize what was happening , I just close my eyes and the Angels took us up and Sky.


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