Home Discussion Forum What does it mean if your aura has patches of nothing?

What does it mean if your aura has patches of nothing?

Because that’s apparently what my aura is like.
Grey, blue and patches of nothing.
LOL Woah there, little people.
I don’t believe in this psychic crap. Just curious as to why someone told me about my aura.
How insulting. Hmph!
futureguy1 – I’m going to stab you in the face if you ever tell me to repent my sins again.
I will rip you to shreds.
Don’t preach your God. He is not here to save you.
New aura, hey? Does walmart sell them? Mine does seem a tad shabby..
Miguel – You’ve got my respect 100%. Don’t worry about the other people here, they’re not open to other idea’s. They are only here to cause trouble.


  1. Humm im not too sure, one of my friends moms friends is an aura reader, so possibly if i ever see her ill ask lol.
    maybe google it? sorry if this doesnt help
    good luck!

  2. That you may not have Jesus in your life. He makes you whole. He gives you everlasting life. He loves you for who you are. Accept Him into your life and repent your sins to Him before it is to late.
    I am truly sorry, I just want everyone know about Him. Again I am sorry if I have offended you or anyone else.


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