What does it mean if your a "Medium" psychic?

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Like on paranormal state when they bring in the psychics it says “Medium” what does it mean?

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haha idk


i think it is someone who can mediate between living people and ghosts


I think it means they can communicate with the dead instead of just being able to predict the future or whatever else a regular “psychic” does. Not sure tho. Hope I’m right lol


They can communicate and also see the dead


ghost whisperer.
Melinda Gorden (the character that jennifer love hewitt plays) is a medium psychic
she can see the dead but can also communicate with them through talking
so she can see and hear them and they can see and hear her

Carl Fredrickson

i think they can communicate with spirits better than the average person, they can usually see or hear them.


psychic here
I wanted to answer your question through video blog so your answer is here http://www.youtube.com/user/deborahpsychic#p/u/6/YcnfuSXmq5M
thanks and I hope I helped


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