Home Discussion Forum What does it mean if you have a white/ blue aura?

What does it mean if you have a white/ blue aura?

Someone that read auras told me that I had a very white and faint blue aura. What does it mean or says about me?


  1. I don’t believe in this stuff, but I’ve heard that white means the presence of an angel nearby. I don’t know about blue though…

  2. It means the person who told you that needs to update their eyeglass prescription.
    God bless and Merry Christmas

  3. an aura is a field of energy that is emitted by all living creatures. like something glowing. depending on your health your aura will reflect that. as far as the color scheme works im not sure. i do know that you can see the aura of a person with a special piece of equipment. i think its called a spectrometer, it might even be a high resolution infrared scope. you can see it though.

  4. Colours can mean different things for different people. What feelings do you associate with the colour? Aura colours are often reflections of our moods or physical status. What the colour means is dependant on yourself, life for me a white/faint blue aura would mean, a calm meditative state, but for you it could mean sadness or depression.


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