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What does it mean if you find the tarot card The Four of Pentacles just lying on the ground?

This is going to sound strange, but lately I’ve been finding a lot of things on the ground. Last Friday, I found an amethyst point on the ground at the park while feeding the ducks. (If you would like to tell me what this means, too, that would be great). Today, I found a four of pentacles (a tarot card) when I was going into a consignment shop. What does this mean?


  1. It means that you notice stuff on the ground, nothing more.
    I find “stuff” all over the place, jewelry, odd coins, etc..

  2. It means that you have a new card. You could use it for a lot of things- to pick locks, to throw like a frisbee, or just to admire.

  3. It means some hippie dropped it while hanging around in the park.
    Or it means you will face 4 tasks, each more subtle than the other, and will receive great boons after their completion.


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