Home Discussion Forum What does it mean if the solar plexus chakra is missing?

What does it mean if the solar plexus chakra is missing?

Basically what happened was that a psychic could not find my solar plexus, and found it very strange. Otherwise, I could tell the reading WAS very accurate.


  1. A chakra can’t be missing. It’s areas of energy centers in your body (from Eastern traditions). Do a google and you’ll find chakra charts and where they are in the body.
    Interesting. Maybe your energy is low there. Also possibly she’s having an energy conflict that got in the way. Or it’s not the right time for you to know anything about that area.
    I just googled – never mind that – too much out there is way to simplictic or inaccurate. I don’t know what the stomach energy is specifically… I just know each of them from what they feel like inside me. Sorry.
    Maybe follow the rest and see if things go well. …And don’t worry about this. If you need to strengthen it, then something will come to you to help, especially if you picture getting whatever you need.

  2. Hello Merrick,
    As Cher pointed out, you can’t really be “missing” a chakra. It’s a fundamental aspect of all living things that represents our feelings of personal power and force of will.
    The solar plexus can be imbalanced to the point that someone who could ordinarily feel energy wouldn’t get a strong feeling. This may be the case with yourself.
    In order to balance and empower the solar chakra, I would suggest looking into qi gong or martial arts. Both of these practices work on developing personal power. I have found them extremely effective in my own life.
    On a nice, simple level, you can pay attention to the Sun. Don’t do the whole staring thing, just really think about it and its value to this planet. Contemplate it as though you know absolutely nothing about it. Just objectively observe it and come to your own conclusions.
    If you like crystals and stones, try to find yourself a nice little piece of Sunstone. Sunstone is like a little version of the essence of the Sun. Hold it against your solar chakra, carry it with you and each time it comes to your attention, give yourself a little positive affirmation like, “I am a powerful, vibrant person” or “I have a strong force of will and an iron constitution”. A little cheesy, yes, but surprisingly effective if you stick to it for a while (like a month).
    Other strategies could include wearing more yellow, the color associated with the solar chakra. Get more exercise or get start a project that you know you will really feel good about when it is done. All of these things can cultivate feelings of personal power and enhance your solar chakra.
    Remember that everybody has tremendous potential within them and it is up to us to strive to attain our potential or be content to just coast.
    If you have any interest, feel free to check out the website posted below. Lots of free information on using the power of thought to heal and balance yourself and others.

  3. When i was geting a reading The spiritualist told me a similar think as it was mentioned allready,she sad to me that my crystal is missing that i use to receive from the universe so easly but no longer that is why she wanted to restore my energy , i did’t get further with her.Can you coment on this?


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