what does it mean if I keep pulling the fool from my tarot deck everyday?

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Hi I got a Tarot deck a week ago and every time I do my own readings the fool is in it. What does it mean if it happens continuously ?

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Maybe that you’re going to meet the president?


That you need to shuffle better.

Guess who's going to Hell?

Maybe you need to shuffle the deck more thoroughly?

Amore mio

If u’re a xtian then here u go.

huh? (sassy & tangy)

Step away from the deck.

sly phy .. ouija bonfire

1 Tarot is rubbish.
2 Apparently the cards are not necessarily literal (which points me back to point 1 to be honest)
3 Statistically its not that unlikely.

mike hughes 52

This is nothing to worry about ,for it may simple mean that we are moving through our lives still within the house of Ignorance and may reveal the fact that many billions are moving through the same line.


Probably not statistically significant, as it is unlikely you’ll get completely different cards each time, but you might need to shuffle better.


i typically read the fool as a blessing. representing a childlike innocence, void of fear and doubt.


it depends on what question your asking, what spread your using and where the card is coming up in the spread.
I’ve heard people say you shouldn’t take tarot seriously when just starting out – and others have said you shouldn’t take it seriously at all so i guess its really up to you. I recommend getting a little more familiar with your cards and getting a couple good books before taking anything to heart.

Rev. Lynn D.

It means that soon you will have choices and an opportunity for big changes in your life. You will be presented with opportunities and the fool is there to tell you to ” Take the Leap” and not to let fear hold you back from trying something new.


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