What does it mean if I get this tarot card outcome?

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I asked a question regarding a possible future romance 4 different times. My outcomes came to 1) upright hanged man 2) upright star 3) upright knight of cups and 4) upside down two of cups …..
at first I was happy that a possible bright future was at hand, but the last card threw me off guard. What does that mean?

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Mary Okono

2 Girls One Cup. Period.


Absolutely nothing. Just like any other combination of tarot cards.

Surreal Dissolution

It means you shuffled a bunch of cards and thats what came out. Nothing important or relevant. Cards can’t predict the future. Sorry.


it means you are deceived into trusting in the tools of evil spirits instead of the living God. Jeremiah 29: 11 “I know the thoughts I think towards you says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil to give you an expected end”


First, in regard to those people who don’t know anything about Tarot cards or their interpretations, you should probably ignore their non-answers. They should refrain from answering questions about things they know nothing about.
Second, nothing has any meaning except what we assign to it. In tarot card reading, every reader has their own very unique system of interpretation. I will give you mine, it may be different from many others and mean nothing to you and should be taken with a grain of salt.
The hanged man could mean that you have put your life in suspension waiting for your future romance or soul mate as if that is the only thing you are focused on. The star is a message for you to have faith and to stop obsessing over it.
The Knight of cups is a romantic who could charm you and sweep you off your feet, but may not be as reliable or permanent as you would like. The two of cups reversed could mean that your next romance will not end in a marriage partnership.
And for people who only have negative cynical things to say about reading tarot cards, they should get over it. Live and let live.


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