What does it mean if a guy kisses your forehead?

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I have become very good friend with my photographer. I trust him very much because i had been communicating with him since a month before the photoshoot through email- some very cool conversations. He’s 35 (13 years older than me), but we’ve been emailing each other back and forth since the photoshoot as well (which happened more than 2 months ago). I met him again a few Fridays ago to check out the beach near where he lives. We went to the beach, dinner, and then, at night, when I was sitting on his couch, an arm length apart from him, he reached out to caress my arm as we talked. He had mentioned earlier that he’s kind of touchy feely. When he reached out to caress me, i crossed the distance between us and rested my head on his chest. One of his hands were on the side of my waist, and the other playing with my long hair. We were like that for 20 minutes. Some moments, we were silent, the other moments, we talked, laughed and shared jokes. He reassured me that he’d never misuse any of my photos. Later, he petted by back for a little bit, then held my face in his hand and told me that I am very beautiful. He said that he’d like to shoot me again, and that I don’t have to pay him for headshots as long as I can be his muse. He brushed the hair off my face with his fingers and traced the outline of my face and my lips with them. I touched his face. We then stared at each other for 2-3 minutes. He proceeded to say, “It’s Okay”, and then wrapped me in a hug, a full one this time, for 5 full minutes, and offered me tea. I saw him again two weeks later. This time, he cooked dinner for me and we walked for some time. I asked him if my earlier hugs offended him, and he said that he wasn’t offended, but he is careful with “physical” relationships because of his situation (he’s broke, he’s into Zen Buddhism, he has two kids and an ex-wife who live in another country). Later when I was leaving, he hugged me, and i was really involved in the hug. He kissed my forehead and rubbed my shoulders and back. I held onto him tight, and he almost had to remove himself from the hug. I apologized for getting emotional later. Do these signals indicate just friendship? He listens to my problems and usually has great insight. I feel like my friendship with him is so precious that I don’t want to risk it for the sake of some “possible” relationship. Any insight would be appreciated. Thank You.

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he cares about you???…


it means alot
for me it means i respect u and love u and not brave enough to kiss such a great person on the lips 😛
thats my way i dont know about his


He probably cares about you and you guys could probably good friends and there is a possibility that he might actually like you



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