Home Discussion Forum What does it mean by being under psychic attack?

What does it mean by being under psychic attack?

And what can you do to solve it?


  1. What happened: The mind was invaded.
    How to fight it: Viligence! Constant viligence. Fight back! Be strong in mind and resist and multiply!
    Incubus – Out from Under
    Madeye Moody from Harry Potter
    Dr. Who

  2. Among the most popular theories to explain the persistency and universality of vampire myths, the idea of psychic vampirism traced the belief in the vampire to various occult, psychic, or paranormal phenomena. Such explanations have their origin in folktales that identified the vampiric entity as a ghostly figure rather than a resuscitated body-or even further back to ancient times and the earliest vampirelike figures who were described as evil gods or demons, such as the Greek lamiai. Such entities were closely related to the medieval incubus/succubus.
    For protection you would need a psychic shield


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