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What does it look like if you look at yourself in the mirror if you are out of your body (astral projection)?

Can you even see yourself in the mirror?


  1. Interesting concept, I don’t know the answer from experience, but maybe I can reason it through.
    A mirror reflects light on the physical plane, and an astral body does not give off light that could be reflected in a mirror. Thus, the mirror would not reflect your astral body. You would look invisible, even though you could see your hand while astral projecting, you would be looking at it with a light that would not be on the same plane of existence as the mirror, or the room.
    I guess the answer is, if you can’t see it with your physical eyes (like an astral body) then you wouldn’t see a reflection in the mirror. Maybe this is where the legends about vampires come from.

  2. I am unsure, I assume your mind would show you the image of what you think you are out of body. I heard of tales where one has traveled through a mirror only to be stuck inside. I’m not sure if you know this or not, but it is possible to travel through pictures and end up at that exact locale.

  3. Worse would be to look in the mirror and see someone else in your body while you were out of it. But hey, I like to walk in other peoples sleep.

  4. Great question. I have never tried that but I think I might try it and see if I can see anything.
    I have seen my own body before from floating above. It looked like someone else, and the experience was a bit disturbing. I guess that’s probably true for most people the first time they try it.
    I am interested to hear from more people to see if anyone has successfully seen themselves in a mirror while projecting.
    Toolman: CREEPY! that thought gave me shivers. eek! 🙂

  5. I’m not sure if this answers your question but I have been in a dream,knowing I was dreaming but fully aware of what I was doing.I went to the mirror and looked at myself in the dream and my face was all swollen,I kept touching my eyes and cheeks with my fingers and I could hardly see out of my eyes cause the image in the mirror was showing me very puffy.It was a strange feeling cause I KNEW I was asleep but I felt very real in the mirror.

  6. Well firstly AP is real but you do not actually go outside of your body. You are altering your conscious perception from the physical plane to the astral planes. And projecting your awareness to places where your physical body cannot go. And secondly when you look into a mirror while doing AP it is not actually the same mirror as the one on the physical plane. Because during AP when you travel around in what seems like this physical world, it is actually an astral copy of this world. So you will be looking into an astral copy of the physical mirror. But they work just like ordinary mirrors. Whatever your appearance is, that will be reflected in the mirror. But you can also change your appearance instantly, & than that image will be reflected in the mirror.
    I haven’t actually seen myself in an astral mirror yet, but I have read about the experiences of people who have.

  7. Yes – sometimes it’s hazy, or like through water; sometimes you see other facets of yourself (other than your predominant personality) and sometimes you see other lifetimes / dimensions.
    We do an exercise in my classes where we have the class observe people as they leave their body or raise their vibrations. It’s amazing how numerous people will see the same change in the person at the very same instant (I even reviewed tape recordings to make sure it wasn’t power of suggestion! It wasn’t – it was simultaneous). Sometimes the person who is being observed can feel or sense the changes & access the info of other times / dimensions.
    It’s fun and healing – sometimes releasing chronic symptoms.
    In Feng Shui it’s advised to not have mirrors or TVs in the bedroom, so we don’t shock ourselves when we are astral travelling.

  8. blessings…my journey’s in astral projection are as different each time as the places an things that I want to do in my travels.I have noticed a few times that I am the same age as I was either at the time I was revisiting a memory or when I am just checking on my kids while there out.I do look twenty-six,an yes I remember looking at myself when I was in my wedding dress…..so I’d go with yep! blessed be….!


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