Home Discussion Forum What does it feel like when you successfully open a chakra gate?

What does it feel like when you successfully open a chakra gate?

I am trying to open my chakra gates, and have a technique. The only thing I am missing is what to look for so that I know when I have opened a gate. NOTE: this has nothing to do with the anime Naruto.
I especially need info on the first chakra point, or root chakra.


  1. I’ve tried the methods in the book “Fountain of Youth.” I didn’t notice anything but the techniques were good for balance and posture. I felt gravity was lifted off of my mind, body, and spirt after a native american sweat.

  2. LOL when I read the question I was going to ask you if you were serious. because I thought you were talking about Naruto. Is this a religious thing?

  3. When my third eye chakra opens exactly between and a little over my eyebrows I feel a deep tingling or sometimes a deep pressure that I have to press with my thumb to get relief. Other chakras are my heart where I feel a little pressure. When the throat chakra opens I get a tingling and hear a physical sound coming from the center inside of my neck that goes together with the tingling. That one is the most interesting one. It’s rather dramatic and really physical.
    I’ve never had any sensations with the first chakra opening, and that’s probably because it’s alway open and the main one I function from.


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