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what does is mean to dream about tarot cards?

i had a dream last night with a lady reading my cards.Also few weeks back i had dream that i walk in to a witch store and lady ask me if i wanted my cards read and i told her no and she read my cards anyways and it appear to be hangman.


  • Ok so presently I had a dream about reading tarot cards and it was weird because the cards that where played out were ones I have never seen before

  • It could just be your brain processing stuff that’s on your mind or it could be a message from the spirit world (which would be quite cool).

    The hanged man is about letting go of something (such as control, views) and seeing things from a different perspective. It is nothing to be afraid of.

    For what it’s worth, I looked it up in my dream dictionary (under fortune telling) and it said you are probably anxious about making a major life decision.

  • Well, the way I see it, you are feeling in the dark, and would like some insight into what your future holds. The hanged-man as a tarot card means a change of perspective is needed and a period of waiting. Are you anxious about something?

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