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What does Hinduism say about the proper way to do meditation?

Does anyone know?
I have heard things like letting The Self simple observe your breathing, clearing mind of all thoughts, equalizing the time between inhaling and exhaling, using music, chanting mantras, etc.
Does anyone know what it REALLY suggests?


  1. There is no proper way, there is only the way that works best for you.there are dozens of different meditaion techniques, the accepted method is just being the witness to your breathing, with eyes closed and no mantra’s and no music, there should be nothing for the mind to work with, all your attention should be witnessing your breathing. your mind will try to resist, with practice it becomes easier and a fulfilling experience.
    The idea is to know our true self, there is a saying “only in still water can we see our true reflection” meditation is calming the water to see our true self.
    How to meditate
    the guy giving the narration is Deepak Chopra, look him up on Youtube he has several interesting videos.
    Hindu meditation

  2. kindly do not make a useful technic by name of religion.any body can learn and practise benefit immensely. you need some one who can teach you properly. true you have to concentrate on your breathing only to drive away other thoughts as our mind is monkey jumping from one thought to other.choose a place and time when you will not be disturbed absolutely. do not try to drive thoughts as you concentrate on breathing only thoughts will disappear. keep chanting anything that pleases your mind. keep on on.you will forget world.after finishing with an alarm for 30mnts. you will be a newly born person like no tensions. lessened blood pressure mood elevated calm.one must do and experience.good luck

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