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What does having a yellow aura mean?


  1. Yellows are the sunniest, happiest and most childlike personalities in the color-spectrum. easy going, light and sunny character. These playful people have a wonderful sense of humor. They love to laugh and intimately enjoy life from many different angles. They advocate relaxation, the pure joy of life and live spontaneously. They are always reminding other people to not take life too seriously and to always look on the bright side. Life and work should both be enjoyed.

  2. Portions of an aura that are yellow signify intelligence or knowledge. Red is emotion. Green is health. If any part of your aura is black you will die soon.

  3. Each color or combination of colors seems to have its own theme, as follows:
    Red —————— Vitality, Energy, the number 1
    Red/Orange ——- Physical Activity, Vigor, the number 4
    Orange ————- Organization, Thought, the number 4
    Orange/Yellow — Social Activity, Joy, the number 3
    Yellow ————– Communication, Speech, the number 3
    Yellow/Green —– Healing Activity, Sickness, the number 7
    Green ————— Creativity, Health, the number 6
    Green/Blue ——– Nurturing, Caring, the number 6
    Blue —————– Devotion, Love, the number 2
    Blue/Purple ——- Learning, Spirituality, the number 8
    Purple ————– Wisdom, Compassion, the number 9
    Purple/Red ——– Potential, Abrupt Change (often accidents or danger), the number 5
    BROWN ———– Confusion, Opposition, Conflict, the number 5
    CLEAR ————- An exceptionally spiritual being, spirit guides, the number 9
    The numbers ascribed to each color are loosely associated with their Numerological meanings. Tarot-logical and Astrological associations may also be ascribed to each color.
    WHITE ————- Influence of very spiritual beings, guidance, the number 7
    GREY ————– Influence of a less spiritual being, bureaucracy, the number 8
    BLACK ————- A being indulging in harm to other beings, domination, the number 2


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