What does everyone think the Subconscious mind can do?

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I know what it can do i just want to know if someone else knows more

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Duck Man



the point of the subconscious mind is that we do not know what it does.


A true Freudian, aren’t we?


Answer meaningless questions on Yahoo! Answers like this one?………what th-what am i doing?


Well – first and foremost the sub or unconscious mind continues your life from second to second. Each second you live, your blood gases, water content, oxygen levels and CO2 levels have to be Absolutely monitored – no mistakes. A full third of your life’s energy is used just to keep your potassium and sodium separated.
And within that unknowable unconscious mind lives all the myths of mankind, all the stories, all the distant memories of our species and species which went before us – the wisdom of the ages which sometimes we can even tap into – in lucky circumstances.
So it’s a big place – AND perhaps WAY WAY out at the edge of the unconscious it connects to the Universe itself – and we are all one very large life form. From the worms which live in the mud at the bottom of the sea – to the fish – to the ferns on the shore – to the animals in the forest – to mankind – we are all one thing. And THAT is what the unconscious holds.


agression to survive
sex to reproduce
but we have the need for social approval so
we learn to control those urges ( sometimes )


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