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What does everyone out there think about Past life regression??

Ive read all of Brian Weiss’s books and the stories truly amaze me!! Ive been trying to get into the trance state but it hasnt happened yet, but I know it will! Ive only done it 2 times and Im not used to meditating. It would be soo helpful for me because I feel like I have a LOT of much uneeded anxiety issues and other things Im dealing with and I want nothing more than to find out where they came from so I discover the root of the problem so I can function in day to day life so much better. I want to live my potential but feel this has held me back and cannot wait to do it. Anyways let me know what youve heard about it!


  1. You should go see a past life regression therapist or a Reiki master. They do exist and they can help you to get to that state so that you can remember. Be careful though – you are opening a huge can of worms. You have to be ready for whatever comes. It could be really difficult to deal with. Good luck.

  2. You can’t regress into something that never existed. But you can fabricate something that never existed in response to the power of suggestion.

  3. I’d be more inclined to believe it if nearly everyone who tried it wasn’t some famous historical person (often the same ones). That said, it does have some value as a psychological tool because perception is reality for each of us. If you believe you are no longer morbidly afraid of butterflies because you have addressed dying in a former life when a moth flew into your mouth and you choked to death, then guess what? You really are no longer afraid of butterflies.

  4. once I read a sylvia brown book and she said everyone had a past life. She explained how to get into the trance state and she said step by step how to see what your past life was. I tried it with someone helping me and i think it actually worked! I could have been dreaming, but i actually had a picture in my mind of a woman in the 1700’s living in France with long black hair! It was freaky! For me getting into the trance state, I just had to lay down, clear my mind completely, and relax. I felt really sleepy so that helped, and I had a friend talk to me and tell me the steps in a really slow, calm, quiet voice. I felt silly doing it at first, but once I got serious and I got that image in my mind it was really fascinating!


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