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what does energy or chi or whatever you call it feel like for you?

@ SkepDoc 2.0 : well then what does that placebo effect feel like?


  1. For me it feels like nothing.
    That is because there is no such thing.
    Anyone who feels their chi/qi/ki/prana is just feeling a placebo reaction from having someone pay attention to them or do something to them.

  2. The feeling at my level, and there are more advanced practitioners, is that of a tingling heat that is movable. The Qi phenomenon is easily quantifiable by the movement of your circulation. Your circulation, when done in practice, will move with the qi, which is directed by the intent. Email me if you have any other questions, doubt, or concerns. This is not a mystical thing, it is practical. I have known people of advanced practice cure themselves and others of cancer using qigong.
    Good luck in your search.

  3. I feel heat, hot or cold. I also see colors in my mind. And I guess I could describe it as feeling the wind of sorts. When I hold my hand over a chakra I can feel the energy wave and my hand just starts moving, or not if they don’t have a good flow. It feels different for everyone so this is just me. Most people would think it was crazy but it’s true. Good luck!

  4. bio-energy, an biophotons is Real…as long as u have strong nerve fibers in the nervous system. an have total control in the electromagnetic spectrum,.you can actually collect bioenergy in the body..we’re pretty much Packed with bio-energy…walking, solar panel generators..haha!…


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