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What does E = MC2 mean?you know what Albert Einstein was talking about does it mean that time travel is?



  1. The equation you quote says that mass and energy are equivalent forms of the same thing. The equations he used in his theories said that time travel was impossible.

  2. Stephen Hawking has already addressed this question. Time travel is not possible…One of Einstein’s great insights was to realize that matter and energy are really different forms of the same thing. Matter can be turned into energy, and energy into matter.

  3. E=ENERGY,

  4. This doesn’t mean that time travel is possible.
    It is a particle theory which means mass can be converted into energy.
    We use this in nuclear fusion.
    Sun’s energy is the basis of this.

  5. It represents that energy and matter are diffirent aspects of the same. They are interchangable!
    And According to the theory of the Einstein-Rosen (Nathan Rosen) Bridge, time travel could be possible via a wormhole created by opposing singularities.

  6. E is the energy needed by an object to move
    M is the weight of the object
    C is the velocity the object is moving at.
    I think the equation can be extended and tied into his black hole theories for time travel but I’m not sure…

  7. Energy=mass x speed of light squared (in a vacuum). So energy can be converted to mass (mass=energy/speed of light squared) and the other way around. Intuitively, time travel is impossible (you cannot have the effect before the cause), but there are many things that science has revealed which are anti-intuitive. It should be impossible, but….

  8. E (energy) = M (mass) multiplied by C squared (the speed of light squared).
    This formula theorises that there is a relationship between the speed of light, any object of mass and it’s relative potential energy.
    It is unclear as to whether time travel is possible as nobody has actually proved it is possible to travel at a speed greater than the speed of light. However, Einstein did suggest that a relative speed quicker than light might be observed if two objects were travelling in opposite directions through the universe at speeds close to the speed of light – the total speed that these two objects would be travelling away from one another would be greater than the speed of light.
    If an object of mass could get up to the speed of light, Einstein (and several others after him) propsed that the object would have to be broken down into energy form, rather than solid/liquid state – hence the energy equivalent in his equation.
    Whether speeds above the speed of light would, in fact cause time travel, is quite another argument – one that Stephen Hawking has given much research to and concluded that time travel is unlikely to be achieved at all, and almost definitely not by exceding the speed of light. If it’s good enough for him….

  9. E = mC*C
    E is the unstable energy. “m” is the stable (form of) energy. C is the speed of light or also its velocity in the sense thet light always travels in a straight line. According to the law of conservation of mass, energy can exist in any form. Here it is as stable and unstable. What we all see is the mass of energy. What we do not or cannot see is the unstable energy.What Einstein talks about is acompletely stable form of energy can be made unstable when it attains square of velocity of light. There is nothing to do herewith time because time has no dimension. You can show the length and mass of a body but which will you show when asked about time of a body. Time requires parameter. Any body has length and mass of its own because they are determined by the virtue of physical properties. One can say what the time now is but one cannot say what his or her time is. Time materially requires a device like a clock or watch. How can you travel along a dimensionless thing forward and backward?

  10. E stands for energy
    M stands for mass
    C stands for the speed of light
    its the formula to find the amount of energy produced depending on somethings mass
    no it doesnt mean that time travel is possible

  11. E = MC^2, tells me several things staight away.
    1. As everyone has already stated that matter and energy essentially are one and the same, different forms of the same thing.
    2. It further tells me to get a lot of energy I only need a little bit of matter, the energy contained in that matter is much greater than the mass of the matter itself.
    3. I cannot get more energy from a matter than is contained within that matter.
    From my memory, didn’t Einstein prove to travel at or beyond the speed of light would require infinite energy. So based on this theory that is not possible because the universe contains a certain amount of matter so to get infinite energy we would require infinte matter.
    To travel through time, is to travel close to or at the speed of light, if i recall correctly, in normal space or the known visible universe. Therefore, it seems highly unlikely that scenario is possible for us.
    Leading us to think, worm holes, black holes, or other such gateways make this a possiblility after all.
    But then we may very well view things in a different perspective one day. Today we see energy and matter as one and the same, just different forms of the same thing. One day we may also see time and space as one and the same thing, just different forms, and be able to use this in a worthwhile manner.
    But I do believe time travel will always be kept out of the hands of the average person, even governments may decide not to develop the technology after all, the risk could be too great.

  12. E = mc²
    Energy = mass x 186,000 x 186,000
    If you think of the result of this equation and how infinite it virtually is, it tells you that time travel is about impossible.
    Even the smallest mass has almost infinite energy.

  13. My understanding light is curved (Geodesics) i.e. time. The speed of light is the cosmic speed limit . + for time reversal it will happen some day.


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