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What does "cut" mean when dealing with Tarot Cards?

My friend started reading Tarot Cards, and she doesn’t know either, and I won’t be able to ask anyone else until December. If anyone knows it would be a greatly appreciated, and clear up a lot of confusion. Thank you for taking the time to read (and hopefully answer) this question.


  1. When you “cut” the deck, what you are doing is taking the deck you have been shuffling and laying it out for you or the querent to remove into piles (usually 3 in Tarot) and then reassemble.
    This is done in non-tarot card games as well. Stage magicians will ask people they are doing card tricks for if they want to cut the deck, thereby rearranging it and seemingly proving there is “nothing up their sleeve”.
    I do this when I read Tarot, even though I shuffle, I let the Querent cut the deck.

  2. When you cut the deck, you are splitting it into parts. For instance, many people “cut the deck” with playing cards. They take half of it and put the bottom half that dropped to the top half. Many readers believe you are to cut the deck three times–into thirds–using your left hand, and then the last part–the third cut–goes on the top, the middle, and the first part that dropped is at the bottom.


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