Home Discussion Forum What does consciousness lead you to believe about existence?

What does consciousness lead you to believe about existence?


  1. Not a darn thing.
    Consciousness is an emergent property of the functioning of the physical brain — the fact that chemicals or injuries and disease to the brain can cause radical changes in personality, is the self-evident proof that “mind” is not something that exists independently of the physical brain.

  2. That I am conscious. That’s about it….I think therefore I am and whatnot.
    Beyond that, my beliefs about existence are a result of the information that enters my consciousness.

  3. Nothing.
    @ The Rev…that’s not proof, it’s evidence. It’s entirely possible that the brain is not in control but it’s where thought from the mind turns into physiological response. In that sense, if the brain is damaged or altered the response would be as well.

  4. I am conscious, therefore I am. I am because God made me. God made me because He is. God is the great “I AM”. Hallelulia, Amen.

  5. ‘you’ technically can’t be unconscious, therefore ‘you’ will always be conscious regardless of time linearity.

  6. Consciousness is just a neat trick used by the brain that was evolved. I think it shows that evolution has some amazing possibilities, I mean.. part of the universe became aware of itself? How strange. I would never have guessed it possible.


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