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What Does Christianity say about astrology?

i consider myself a christian but i’m not too sure if it’s ok to read things like horoscopes and to talk to pyschics or tarot card readers. does anybody know if this is acceptable in christianity or no?


  1. No, it’s not allowed. You’re just supposed to read the Bible and wait on God to tell you everything and not try to figure it out on your own. If you turn out to be psychic, they will probably try to chase demons out of you.

  2. This is what I believe in. I respect everyones belief, so I hope you respect mine
    I have empathy. Empathy is the sense of feeling others in distress or pain. Though some Christians say what I feel is the Devil.
    Though because Jesus healed people & felt peoples pain I believe my empathy is because of him.
    Is a Christian & Half Jewish.

  3. It is acceptable in Christianity if you approach it more like entertainment…
    From what I understand, many Christians (but not all) would think that taking it too seriously tends to interfere with your faith in God.
    I know a Christian Psychic who has mainly Christian clientelle and they just don’t go bragging about it in Church.

  4. ~~~~
    Why would you think that mankind can be divided into 12 categories and then that things could be divined? God has a problem with such foolishness, but it is up to you if you agree with Him or not.

  5. It says don’t do it! But I think it is a warning not to get taken advantage of by charlatains (there are many of course!) or to let it run your life or make you paranoid about everything you do!
    I don’t think God cares if we read the daily horoscope while drinking coffee but he doesn’t want it to ever be any substitute for listening to Him and reading the Bible. Peace.

  6. Bluntly, it’s a load of rubbish.
    There are loads of verses telling us to trust God and only God.
    Worshiping false Gods, as they used to, is like the old version of astrology and all of that stuff today.

  7. You should be able to whatever you want to do. This is exactly why I don’t believe in religion, you shouldn’t have to check and see if everything you do is ‘acceptable’ or not, unless you’re planning on world domination. It’s a free country, if you want to talk to a psychic or read your horoscope, go for it.

  8. It talks about witchcraft in the bible . here’s some scripture refrences- Ex 22:18 Rev 21:8 Rev 22:15
    when you talk to God he has all the answers you need

  9. God is written in the star!!! Divinity….Time and space are an illusion…of course the future and past are in the stars…God is outside of Time! Check out “the feild” An audio book…aslo check out that webpage..great podcasts..all about quantum physics! You need to discover these things yourself, not wait for some fourwalled religion to tell you. Life is about discovery of spirituality..not confinement and fear.. I think you would enjoy the documentary “What the bleep do we know.”
    Go on a search for your soul…
    By the way don’t be deceived by some astrologers, sometimes they are just out for money…study it for yourself..don’t ask approval from others. The spirit reveals truth

  10. For me (atheist) it’s weird. I have friends who work at a gospel radio station who are always saying things to each other like “Oh, you’re such a Pisces” or “I’m a Taurus, so…”
    All are hardcore Protestants.

  11. they are opposed to anything requiring free will,you must serv god on your knees…..till you get rug burns….ouch,ill choose hell.

  12. Why would you follow a religion that uses scare tactics and fear to indoctrinate people into its ways? There is nothing wrong with studying different religions and belief systems. Astrology existed long before Christianity was even a thought. Study it if you want to, not because some people claim it is “evil”. But, don’t take my advice for it. It matters not what you are told to believe, but what you can seek to believe in yourself. Knowledge is power to out-way arrogance and hatred; learn all you can, while you can. peace be with you.

  13. The Bible is a written existence of man. It glorifies the Wise men who followed the Star to the Christ child. Yet condemns those who follow the stars today. As a psychic medium who was raised a “good little Christian girl” taught that I was “better than”, now I have been damned by the Religious right for being true to myself.
    Why not use all the tools that help us better understand ourselves and help us to live happier more joyous lives. It has become a method of control by those who play God.
    If Christians were more like Christ, who would they hate?


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