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What does aura color affect on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games?

See above.
If you haven’t figured that out yet, get off of Yahoo and stop wasting everyone’s time. kthxbai
No, it doesn’t. I’ve found the answer. I’ll close this later.
Answer: aura affects nothing and is decided by the fav. color on the DS.


  1. Well I am always a vivid pink. The only thing I know is that you get a color of your aura bow that wigglytuff give you.
    Hope this helps
    *Thumbs up Sonja the pkmn helper*

  2. what sonja said is correct “it’s to determine what pokemon you’ll be after i took the quiz” I always keep taking that test until I get a green aura and become a chikorita.

  3. I don’t think it affects anything but the bow color. I know for a fact it doesn’t affect what Pokemon you are; I’ve taken and re-taken the quiz so many times to get a Pokemon I want. I don’t really fit into any one of their standard personalities, so I can give honest answers and what I get is determined by which questions were asked x’3
    ANYWAY I alllwaaays get a shade of green; occasionally mint green, but usually the darker one. However, I’ve gotten Pokemon from all across the board.
    and yeah I know this is totally late but w/e.

  4. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT POKEMON YOU BECOME. NOTHING! The answers you give determine what pokemon you become, your aura is something completely different. I’ve played around with this process and i got Green every time, and during that i had a pikachu, totodile, eevee and chikorita.


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