What does aura brightness mean?





I was at a spiritual store, in which a man used some sort of wires to measure my aura (which was red/orange I guess) and it extended between 8 and 10 feet but I couldn’t find anything to explain what that means.


  1. Big bright auras are positive energy. He was, as noted, trying to make a sale. So he would not have said you have a small dark aura, unless maybe he had a crystal you could rub on your forehead to cure it.

  2. He is either a con man or repeating hokum.
    I see auras, and a lot of people do. The insight had from them is not quantifiable. There is no formula. His estimations, if based in any truth, are arbitrary.Your aura could be said to be 2 inches or 200 feet long depending on how it is viewed.
    Wires? A contraption? Hope he’s getting his money’s worth from that investment.

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