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What does anthroposphy say about reicarnation? what does edgar cayce say about it?

please don’t get it from wikipedia. it doesn’t cite the exact sources. please write where you got it from.


  1. that since our physical are made from the fundamental building blocks of the universe like carbon and nitrogen, our living, spiritual souls (if you will) can also be broken down into smaller components and reincarnation is merely the rebirth into a new level of complexity of life. For example, humans are very intelligent, but according to caycee if you squander your life you will be reborn as a mouse.

  2. Cayce actualy had alot to say about spritualism and reincarnation and I am surpirsed more are nt commineting correctly on it. No, Cayce did not say one would come back as a mouse…
    Cayce recorded rather diligently the “spritual realms” one may inhabit after the physical departure from earth.
    Cayce recorded: After the physcail death one had the oppourtunity to travel to many different realms. The realms were of a specific nature in that each offered spritual-education of a different nature. I recall the realms numbered near 9. The highest the numbered realm the more distance spritualy one became from “materiel attraction” ie, one became less interested in the affiars of Earth in the higher realms.
    Upon travelling throughout the realms one could reincarnate taking back with them the triats they picked up.


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